The spread of jellyfish worldwide


Numbers of this brainless sea creature have increased significantly and continually across many oceans around the world. It is said that this might be a sign of an imbalance in sea fauna; the temperature has risen and in some way this helps this species expand its population in many aquatic territories. Scientists are worried that if this sea animal keeps proliferating, it will compete with other oceanic creatures for food and it could even turn to fish and other marine wildlife as its prey.

I came across this jellyfish thing on a Thai newspaper website. The story did not particularly interest or concern me. On the other hand, when I heard about jellyfish, it made me want to eat it, especially as part of Sukiyaki, when you have to dip it into spicy sauce. It is so delectable. I have not had this food for ages and coming upon this story violently stirred up my appetite. I wonder what would happen if scientists allowed Thai people to live in the areas that are being plagued by this sea creature. Maybe instead of worrying about its expansion, they would be more concerned about its extinction, as, for Thais, some types of jellyfish are edible and yummy.


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