Do you fancy Dengue fever in Thailand?

It is currently the rainy season in Thailand. It is also the time when a number of diseases start to spread in the country. Some of the diseases are not very contagious; others are quite virulent, and Dengue fever is one of the nastiest. At this time of the year when there is a lot of rain, it makes it easy for a certain kind of mosquito, which carries the Dengue fever virus, to lay their eggs. Because of this, many people, especially young kids and the elderly, are likely to catch the virus easily. Foreigners who want to travel to Thailand during this period have to make sure they bring mosquito repellent or it would be even better to try to avoid being bitten by this tiny insect while they are having a good time in the land of smiles. Nobody wants to be severely sick while travelling to another country, do they?

I once had to stay at the hospital for over a week and a half as a consequence of catching the disease. At no other time in my life have I thought I was going to die, but at that time I surely did. Initially, I thought that I would not be that ill, because as a youngster I was not very healthy and being unwell was just a normal part of my childhood. Four or five days after I started to have a fever, my parents became aware that this time my sickness was not the same as the other illnesses I used to suffer. In the end, I was taken to the hospital. I could not eat and constantly threw up. I had to have an intravenous drip in my arm. It was such a pain seeing that I had to walk my drip with me every time I wanted to use the toilet, but in fact I spent almost the whole time in bed anyway. So, when you visit Thailand, please try not to catch it.



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4 responses to “Do you fancy Dengue fever in Thailand?

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  2. Ginger Merritt

    I just got back from Thailand and a lovely stay in the hospital – after contracting Dengue Fever My question is this. My bloodwork appears normal now but I still feel like a truck ran me over. I have no energy and am trying desperately to eat well even though food has no appeal to me. How long did the lethargy last for you?

  3. That was a very long time ago, but I will try my best to dig out this unpleasant incident from my memory. I think you are still recuperating. It will take at least another one or two weeks before you are fully recovered. It is normal that you still feel wrecked and are unable to eat normally, but it is good to know that you are trying to eat; try soft food that is easy to swallow, otherwise you will have no energy. Try to drink plenty of water or a rehydration solution which contains the sugars and electrolytes your body needs. Try some fruits that are not going to upset your tummy if you really cannot eat any food. You are in a recovering process which is good to know but your liver and stomach are still sensitive and it will be a couple of weeks before you are back to normal. Oh, and avoid aspirin as it will make your stomach bleed. I am sorry to hear that you caught Dengue Fever. I hope you are soon fully recovered.

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