Shrimps dancing in my mouth

I reckon a lot of foreigners might think we Thai people like to eat various bizarre things. Well, actually, they are not wrong there. Much of the food that we like to eat is perfectly safe to eat although some of these dishes’ hygienic standards can be questionable and the taste is usually too overbearing for non-Thais. Take this shrimp dancing thing for example; for me, if I have to eat this delicacy, I just need to make sure I know where the seller gets his supply from. If I know that the shrimps were taken from water that was not quite clean, I would definitely not risk stuffing these tiny little things into my stomach since I would not know whether there are parasites living inside these aquatic animals. Having said that, I would like to applaud the courage of the lady in this video, who certainly has more balls than men, in experiencing our unusual food. Eating live shrimps is easy and yummy. I’ve done it before quite a few times. You should try it. Enjoy!


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  1. well, I have been to thailand and I enjoyed all the different foods and fruits, but I was not as adventurous as the lady in your video

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    Real Estate Broker ABR, E-PRO,
    St. Petersburg Florida

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