Hooray!!! the internet is back

I have not been able to use the internet all day as there was a problem with the telephone line. It was extremely annoying and tiresome. At least, at the moment, it is working again. Because of this, I will make this post short and try to finish it as quickly as possible since I do not know if the connection might decide to go back to sleep again! And hopefully, I will be able to post this message after I finish this writing. The internet provider people, despite trying their best to sort out this hassle, did not seem to have a clue what the real problem was. We – well, actually the person who I live with – spent most of the day chatting and waiting on the phone with these people. As incompetent as they are, somebody eventually managed to lead us out of the dark and sort out this aggravation. Despite their support, they still need to pay us back for the cost of telephone bill we incurred trying to sort this out!


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