Queens of Langkasuka

Originally this movie was scheduled to begin showing nationwide in Thailand on 12 August this year but unfortunately, for some reason, it has been postponed until 9 October. Fans of Nonzee Nimibutr, the director of the movie, will just have to wait for a few more months before being able to appreciate and admire his latest cinematic offering.

From what I gather, it is the biggest project that the director has ever embarked on. It is also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of his movie career as a director. He and his team spent approximately five and a half years producing this epic fantasy. Without a doubt, Queens of Langkasuka is going to be the biggest hit in Thailand. I am sure it will. When I first saw the trailer, I immediately thought of the movie as Pirates of the Caribbean in Thai style. Thank god the story is about a totally different thing. I wanted to describe the background of the story, but it is beyond my ability to translate it into English. I recommend checking this site out as he or she is one of the experts in Thai cinematic scene.


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  1. Thanks for that October 9 date. It’s “he” by the way. Wise Kwai is a water buffalo bull.

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