Does it really matter?

Venus Flytrap

Nong Poy

I have been reading some comments on the internet regarding men’s confusion towards a certain gender in Thailand. Quite a number of foreign men have been shockingly surprised and confused, as when they come across beautiful Thai transgenders some cannot help but question their sexuality. Few even think of themselves as being homosexual if they are attracted to these ladyboys. The thing is there is nothing surprising about straight men being captivated by their beauty since it is their femininity that arouses men’s sexual desire, not the gender that these people were born with. On the other hand, if a man is sexually excited by another man’s masculinity, that person must surely know what his sexual preference is. But I do not think it really matters anyway.

I think I am so lucky that I was born in an environment that is very tolerant about this issue. In my experience, I have met a great deal of different kind of genders, whether straight, not quite straight, or ladyboys – as far as I am concerned people should not be labelled because of their sexual interests providing that whatever they do is with consenting adults. Some of the people I have met were mostly my classmates and we were very cool about this thing. From time to time we even felt comfortable ribbing them about having lustful thoughts towards the same sex and the opposite sex, in the same way as they often made fun of our faults, like being thin or fat. At the end of the day, what they did sexually was not harmful to anybody. Their behaviour never affected my life and the people around them. Though, more often than not, when I come across some unfairly nasty messages against these people, I have the strong urge to say something in response and I did.

The women in these pictures were born men, but it would be nice to refer to these individuals as she, instead of he. The first picture is the first Thai sexy lady(boy) band, Venus Flytrap and the second one is a photo of Nong Poy, the former Miss Tiffany 2004, who I mentioned in my earlier post. Aren’t they pretty? I think they are. Hopefully the beauty of these ladies is not going to offend anybody, especially real women, but if it does, they will just have to live with it.




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5 responses to “Does it really matter?

  1. absolutelybangkok

    A truly amazing phenomenon and excellent post. I’d really like to see an in-depth study explaining why this is a very Thai phenomenon.

  2. Caramel Black

    I know lots of straight men who are attracted to transsexuals and Katoey ladyboys. They’re men who are comfortable with themselves and not worried about their own sexuality coming into question. However, guys like this are a rare breed. Most men are freaked out when they realize they’re attracted to transsexuals. I’m not saying it’s wrong for them to worry about it. I just wish more poeple out there like you would discuss subjects like this. Thanks for the great post.

  3. S

    I would like to meet nice ladyboy , and i dont hide this , i dont afraid to show ppl what i want.

  4. prometheustherebel

    That’s great. I remember hearing about this phenomenon years and years ago, probably in a late night HBO special, lol. I think it is great that you grew up around the kind of accepting environment, hopefully more us will continue to live in that type of environment. Good post!

  5. yodmanudying

    Merry XMas and Happy New Year เช่นกันนะคะ
    ขอให้คุณ oneditorial มีความสุขสมหวังทุกอย่างเลยนะคะ ^____^

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