What happened in the BB house UK on Thursday night

This is why I like Big Brother UK pretty much as I can watch and experience things that I hardly see from somewhere else. I have watched other versions of the show before via the internet, like the Thai one and the US version, which in comparison to the UK, are so boring and sterile. Occasionally, there were controversial events in previous shows, like the big fight a few years ago and racial bullying in the house. That’s why this programme constantly attracts British viewers, despite the fact there is not much substance to it.

The latest incident, as shown in the clips, took place on Thursday, but the programme was broadcast on Friday. Although this was nothing like as controversial as in previous series, as a consequence of the argument and what he did to another housemate, one of the housemates had to be removed from the house. I ‘ll let you watch and judge for yourself. Isn’t it an exciting show?

Poor Kathreya’s expression, the only Thai person in the house, said it all. She must have been very frightened with the whole argument. I reckon she might have been asking herself what she has got into. Bless her!


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