Ultimate warriors 2, how unlucky!

I bet the guy who kissed the other dude in this video was inspired by this video. To him, he might have thought there was nothing wrong in providing his rival with a tender touch on the lips before pounding him in the ring. Unfortunately, as you can see in the clip, the other guy did not think the same. Instead of expressing his appreciation with another mouth-to-mouth, he instinctively reacted to the kisser with a good punch -in this case it is obviously not a special drink made by mixing fruit juices and alcohol, but he might need some after recovering from the KO! Consequently, the fight ended rather prematurely, it had not even started yet! The guy surely learned a valuable lesson from this incident: not all men would be content with this kind of sensual experience, especially from another man. So, next time when he has the urge to venture into such an act, he might have to think more carefully, otherwise he could be seeing stars again!


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Filed under Gender, Humour, Sport

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