Murakami day, again

I was not going to write about him again but I cannot help it as today is the day that I am going to be able to watch the programme about him on BBC1 for the first time. As far as I know, he has not appeared on British television before. This is probably the first time that he has given an interview on TV, though I gather that he has allowed only his voice to be heard. My understanding is that he usually tries to avoid drawing attention to himself by appearing only rarely on TV or in any form of media. Like many great living authors his work should be judged by its quality, not because of the fact that people know him via the press. That is how I feel about the way he conducts himself in the public’s eyes.

To celebrate this special day, I bet you can tell how happy I am, I would like to mention some of the movies that have been made from his work: ‘Tony Takitani’, as seen in the first clip, is based on the short story of the same name and is part of the short stories collection, ‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman’. It is possibly one of the most melancholy and beautiful films I have ever watched and Tony Takitani is probably one of the most lonely fictitious characters that I have come across. To me, it is so true to the short story and is an excellent film adaptation.

‘All God’s Children Can Dance’ again has the same title as the short story and is in Mr. Murakami’s short stories collection, ‘After the Quake’. The trailer was especially cut for the first issue of Monocle magazine, appearing on the magazine’s website. The movie was directed by the first time filmmaker, Robert Logevall. I read the story many moons ago, but have not yet been able to watch this film. I have been anxious to see it for so long and I am still waiting and waiting. Some day soon my long waiting will end. I hope.


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  1. I was a bit disappointed with the programme, because I genuinely thought I would hear Murakami’s voice. However, he would not allow his voice to be broadcast and an actor narrated the interview he gave.

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