Fussy eating and me

I do not particularly like fast food like McDonalds or KFC and the others. I find the quality of the food is average and one dimensional. It just does not really appeal to me. I do not mind eating it but I would not dream of having it as a meal once a month, let alone every week, like many westerners do. To make it clear, I am not trying to attack this type of food. It is just a matter of fact that I prefer slow food to fast food. Thai food needs to be cooked properly anyway and it takes time to be ready to eat. You cannot just dish it up quickly like junk food. I think I can certainly live without having to resort to gobbling chips and burgers. Also, in Thailand, people have plenty of time to pleasurise themselves with a decent meal, which is vastly different from some other countries where people tend to spend hours at work and do not have time to wander around like Thai people do so as to find something to eat. To Thais, especially me, there is nothing that can always satisfy their mouths and stomachs. People do not eat the same food every day. I personally have to have three different meals per day and no meal the same in a week. Do not call me gluttonous; as a matter of fact, I am very skinny. This is just the way I was brought up and It sucks when I live abroad and cannot eat like I used to. But having said that, I am still able to put up with it.



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2 responses to “Fussy eating and me

  1. absolutelybangkok

    You truly are fussy!

    Don’t feel tempted sometimes to eat the same thing again and again? Over never met that irresistible dish?

  2. Occasionally I do, but when I keep having the same thing all the time the delicious food that I like will turn bland. I’ve encountered many irresistible dishes but after a few more times I often say goodbye to them and will not eat them again until many months later. It is just the way I was brought up.

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