Ultimate warriors, how cute!

It may come across as rather homoerotic but there is nothing wrong or pernicious about two straight men exchanging a tender gesture towards one another. These two boxer dudes seem to be confident enough in their sexuality to swap kisses. Any real fighter certainly would have to counterattack if another tried to intimidate him and as this clip shows, they surely do. It is just a way of retaliation. Both of these men did not seem to mind the act of touching each other’s lips. As a matter of fact they looked content and comfortable with what they did. Boxing is such an interesting sport; it is a man-on-man action thing. It is something that real men enjoy, pounding one another rough and raw, occasionally with gentleness like these smackers did. I guess that’s why many men go into ecstasies about the sport. I think they do.



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4 responses to “Ultimate warriors, how cute!

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  2. prometheustherebel

    I’ve never seen this before today and I find it very interesting that you automatically labelled both of these men as “straight.” What do you think the intent behind the kiss was? Possibly to ruffle the others feathers?

  3. From what I gather, they knew each other before the fight. I think that’s why they felt comfortable to joke around with each other with such kisses. To me, it does not matter if they are straight or bi or gay. I just found the clip amusing and cute. Everyone of us has some straight part and queer element anyway. I do not think it is wrong for men to kiss one another whether what their sexual interest is. I should not have put people into catagories as I do not believe in labeling people according to their sexual behaviour. It only makes things complicated. So just two men kissing is fine by me. It is never going to affect my life.

  4. prometheustherebel

    Sounds good, I was trying to illustrate the point that it’s really hard not to label, no matter how what are personal thoughts are. I just wrote a post about reality dating shows, you should check it out and let me know what you think.


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