Sunny delight and dying flowers

The weather is pleasantly bright and warm today, that is rather unusual for British summertime, when more often than not, people will see a patch of rain. Well, as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago, there was not a lot of sunshine at all, just the same old dreary, rainy days. Since the weekend, the temperature has been delightful, for a change, no cloud whatsoever. It is just best to make the most of it since something like this is not going to happen here often.

Every time the sun comes out, I will be transported back to my past life in Thailand. It makes me realise how much I miss Thai weather, albeit it is usually hot there. I now fully appreciate everything I took for granted, whether it be the sun and sea or the surrounding nature where I used to live. The flowers always bloomed near my house and yet, I never took any particular interest in them, even when their colourful and elegant blooms started to fall to the ground. Neither did I have the intention to pick them up and value their beauty. Every so often, I would deeply regret it when it was already too late, when they were beginning to surrender to the scorching summer heat and die.


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