Stabbing in Japan

What happened earlier today in Japan is unsettling me. I am aware of the fact that, as often as not, there are bad things happening in this beautiful world. Some occasional events have massive repercussions on all people, like the tsunami or 9/11, but others might or might not affect anybody, and yet the killing of innocent Japanese citizens by some lunatic weirdo, for some reason, is strongly disconcerting me. It is definitely disrupting the equilibrium of my mind, along with the matter of not knowing the severity of this incident on some of my Japanese friends. I truly hope that they will be able to deal with it easily. After seeing the news, I decided to write to S. who is one of my Japanese friends. I am so anxious to know what she is thinking and feeling right now regarding this tragic event. Hopefully she will be ok and won’t lose faith in her fellow citizens. There are always crazy people everywhere, not only in Japan. At the same time, while I am worrying about her feelings, she may even care nothing about the stabbing at all. But who knows? And I personally care. May this horrible thing never happen again, whether in Japan, here, or the rest of the world. I just wish.


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