This is Kathreya

So far, the feedback about this Thai female cookie monster in the Big Brother house is that she has been very well-received, but for how long is she going to be able to keep up her charming behaviour? One thing that comes across about her that I do not appreciate is that she is rather loud, which of course does not surprise me as, in general, Thai people like to chat and when they talk, they tend to be unaware of the volume of their voice. And Kathreya seems to be representing one of our stereotypical traits very well! God bless her! On the other hand, if she cannot control her loudness she might be on the edge of being voted out of the house. Her housemates are certainly not going to put up with this cookie chatter box. It will be a good excuse for them to get rid of her. I genuinely hope that she will survive the first eviction. Cookie monster rules!


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