Big Brother ninth UK

Like every year, I am definitely going to watch 2008 Big Brother UK. And today is the first day, the launch show, when viewers are going to have the chance to see, for the first time, the contenders who are going to spend quite a while in the Big Brother house. I am convinced that the producers of the show will put a number of unusual characters, mainly those who are exceptionally freaky, into the house as they think, as usual, the housemates’ eccentricity will attract a larger audience. Whether or not the show is going be appealing like previous years, I will just have to wait and see.

I wonder if it would be interesting to put the Thai government under surveillance 24 hours per day like the Big Brother contenders. The Thai public would have an opportunity to evict one useless MP every week and replace him or her with one that the people think is viable. I am quite sure that the programme would achieve high ratings. But I do not think the government would appreciate this idea.


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