Later on

The woman offered me something to drink, but I did not want to. I refused her politely. As the two of us did not know what to talk about, we were just sitting quietly next to one another. I did not like a tense atmosphere, also did not want to be rude; I thus made an effort to talk to her about this and that. As I kept talking, she then decided to talk more about herself. I do not know why when I talk to people, primarily women, they are inclined to open up more about themselves. She told me that she had a son. Part of the reason why she came to work in this karaoke bar was to earn money to send back home. I did not especially buy her story, but as a good listener I just carried on listening to her. Occasionally, I suggested that she should go back to study. I knew it was going to be hard for her to return to education; yet having a degree was going to improve her life one way or another.

Before I left the bar, the woman thanked me for listening and talking to her. Although I did not care much about the entire conversation, I at least said that it was a pleasure to chat with her. Finally, she asked me to come back to the bar again. Despite having no intention to return, I just agreed to see her again. But I never did.


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