Politics and politicians

Don’t you just hate politics?

I can’t stand all of the garbage that politicians come out with – mainly saying what they think you want to hear; never answering a difficult question even when it is repeated several times. Always conscious of their image rather than speaking honestly about their views. Reacting with self-righteous indignation if the Opposition makes a gaffe. They, of course, would never do anything like that!

Can you believe the hyped-up hysteria of the American people towards their political candidates? Fawning over them, cheering and applauding every word their heroes utter?

Thankfully in the UK we have a more balanced approach. In reality, politicians are despised rather than revered. Everyone knows that a degree of scepticism is required when listening to anything that comes out of their mouths. They are, in fact a necessary evil, required to support our jealously guarded democracy. No more, no less.


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  1. I agree. Too many politicians are out of touch with the real world… Yet they make decisions on it, I recently talked about a topic related to this on my blog. Personally I think most politicians are a disgrace:


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