Something that we all do

It is always intolerable to be something that is not really the way you are or say something which you do not mean, but more often than not some people behave that way naturally. In many cases, these traits may help people to get through difficult situations and might help others feel better about themselves.

I wonder what men think when they are being treated nicely by certain types of women. Little do they know that these women are very skilled in shamming so as to get whatever they want. But of course, not all working ladies are like that although many might behave deviously; that is because of the fact that they need to survive. Nobody can blame them for this, can they?

I once went to a karaoke bar, the type that caters for Thai business men. If I remember correctly it was during the last week of my job training course and it was a kind of a treat offered by those with whom I was doing the course. I did not particularly like the idea of visiting the place but as a courtesy, I decided to go along.

In the bar, apart from some women who were working there, there was only our group. The bar was not very different from any other karaoke bar that I used to visit: too much noise, too many sexy lasses, but little fresh air. The place did not interest me in any way. I merely sat there, minding my own business and observing those who were enjoying themselves. While I was perched on the sofa with boredom written all over my face, I was presented to a lovely lady. She came to me with a pleasant smile and I grinned at her.

To be continued…


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