UK drink campaign to target parents

“Parents who allow their children to consume alcohol in public could be prosecuted under new measures to target underage drinking in England.

The proposals also include handing the police tougher powers to disperse gangs of young people congregating outside.

A new offence would make it illegal for someone under 18 to be regularly caught in the possession of alcohol.” (BBC, 1 June 2008).

In an earlier post I commented about the lack of parental responsibility which, although not endemic in the UK, is certainly not uncommon. I am well aware that many others, sick to death of the nuisance caused by drunken yobs on the streets of Great Britain, share my view.

At last, it appears that the British government is considering doing something about it. If these proposals are implemented, parents will at last be held legally accountable for the excesses of their drunken offspring. Some parents will argue, no doubt, that they are powerless to influence the behaviour of their kids – that’s simply because they have never instilled in them a sense of discipline and civic responsibility. Bad parenting is not a reason for avoiding responsibility.

Some kids will complain that ‘there’s nothing to do’ except drink and find their amusement in taunting law-abiding citizens or mindlessly vandalising other people’s property. How sad that they are so feeble minded that they can’t find their own entertainment legally. The biggest losers, however, will be the majority of law abiding youngsters who, as a result of these proposals, will find their freedom curtailed. That’s a shame.


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