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Queens of Langkasuka

Originally this movie was scheduled to begin showing nationwide in Thailand on 12 August this year but unfortunately, for some reason, it has been postponed until 9 October. Fans of Nonzee Nimibutr, the director of the movie, will just have to wait for a few more months before being able to appreciate and admire his latest cinematic offering.

From what I gather, it is the biggest project that the director has ever embarked on. It is also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of his movie career as a director. He and his team spent approximately five and a half years producing this epic fantasy. Without a doubt, Queens of Langkasuka is going to be the biggest hit in Thailand. I am sure it will. When I first saw the trailer, I immediately thought of the movie as Pirates of the Caribbean in Thai style. Thank god the story is about a totally different thing. I wanted to describe the background of the story, but it is beyond my ability to translate it into English. I recommend checking this site out as he or she is one of the experts in Thai cinematic scene.


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Does it really matter?

Venus Flytrap

Nong Poy

I have been reading some comments on the internet regarding men’s confusion towards a certain gender in Thailand. Quite a number of foreign men have been shockingly surprised and confused, as when they come across beautiful Thai transgenders some cannot help but question their sexuality. Few even think of themselves as being homosexual if they are attracted to these ladyboys. The thing is there is nothing surprising about straight men being captivated by their beauty since it is their femininity that arouses men’s sexual desire, not the gender that these people were born with. On the other hand, if a man is sexually excited by another man’s masculinity, that person must surely know what his sexual preference is. But I do not think it really matters anyway.

I think I am so lucky that I was born in an environment that is very tolerant about this issue. In my experience, I have met a great deal of different kind of genders, whether straight, not quite straight, or ladyboys – as far as I am concerned people should not be labelled because of their sexual interests providing that whatever they do is with consenting adults. Some of the people I have met were mostly my classmates and we were very cool about this thing. From time to time we even felt comfortable ribbing them about having lustful thoughts towards the same sex and the opposite sex, in the same way as they often made fun of our faults, like being thin or fat. At the end of the day, what they did sexually was not harmful to anybody. Their behaviour never affected my life and the people around them. Though, more often than not, when I come across some unfairly nasty messages against these people, I have the strong urge to say something in response and I did.

The women in these pictures were born men, but it would be nice to refer to these individuals as she, instead of he. The first picture is the first Thai sexy lady(boy) band, Venus Flytrap and the second one is a photo of Nong Poy, the former Miss Tiffany 2004, who I mentioned in my earlier post. Aren’t they pretty? I think they are. Hopefully the beauty of these ladies is not going to offend anybody, especially real women, but if it does, they will just have to live with it.



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What happened in the BB house UK on Thursday night

This is why I like Big Brother UK pretty much as I can watch and experience things that I hardly see from somewhere else. I have watched other versions of the show before via the internet, like the Thai one and the US version, which in comparison to the UK, are so boring and sterile. Occasionally, there were controversial events in previous shows, like the big fight a few years ago and racial bullying in the house. That’s why this programme constantly attracts British viewers, despite the fact there is not much substance to it.

The latest incident, as shown in the clips, took place on Thursday, but the programme was broadcast on Friday. Although this was nothing like as controversial as in previous series, as a consequence of the argument and what he did to another housemate, one of the housemates had to be removed from the house. I ‘ll let you watch and judge for yourself. Isn’t it an exciting show?

Poor Kathreya’s expression, the only Thai person in the house, said it all. She must have been very frightened with the whole argument. I reckon she might have been asking herself what she has got into. Bless her!

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Ultimate warriors 2, how unlucky!

I bet the guy who kissed the other dude in this video was inspired by this video. To him, he might have thought there was nothing wrong in providing his rival with a tender touch on the lips before pounding him in the ring. Unfortunately, as you can see in the clip, the other guy did not think the same. Instead of expressing his appreciation with another mouth-to-mouth, he instinctively reacted to the kisser with a good punch -in this case it is obviously not a special drink made by mixing fruit juices and alcohol, but he might need some after recovering from the KO! Consequently, the fight ended rather prematurely, it had not even started yet! The guy surely learned a valuable lesson from this incident: not all men would be content with this kind of sensual experience, especially from another man. So, next time when he has the urge to venture into such an act, he might have to think more carefully, otherwise he could be seeing stars again!

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Some of the menswear Spring/Summer 2009









You can bet that I will certainly wear some of the labels that are shown in this post.  Aren’t they looking great in the pictures? I think they do. As I said before, there is nothing embarrassing about strutting yourself in this stuff as long as you are confident with the way you look. I have nothing to be ashamed of about my figure, albeit I am not as well built as these models. I just love to express myself in these beautiful garments, like a peacock I suppose. Everybody is unique and has their own characteristics. Why don’t we make the most of our bodies? Like I do. Also, I would not mind walking in some of these skimpy, sexy clothes in public, but please don’t arrest me!

These images were taken from

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Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Oh, my god! Why are Brazilian people so hot? Personally, I think they are some of the most sexy human beings on the planet. You cannot argue with that, can you? I am writing this post as a special dedication to my Brazilian friend. As far as I am concerned, she must be one of the most pretty women I have ever met.  When I first met her, I was shockingly stunned by her beauty. I was totally blown away. Though she is a model and might come across as a stuck-up person, she often cheerfully spoke to me and the others while we were studying together in London. I obviously miss her dearly. I wish I could post her picture on my blog, but I do not reckon she would appreciate me doing that, unless she allowed me to do so. I tried to look for her in the video, but I could not see her strutting her stuff on the catwalk, which is a bit of a shame! These are just some parts of the many shows of the latest Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Let’s enjoy the extravaganza!

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Murakami day, again

I was not going to write about him again but I cannot help it as today is the day that I am going to be able to watch the programme about him on BBC1 for the first time. As far as I know, he has not appeared on British television before. This is probably the first time that he has given an interview on TV, though I gather that he has allowed only his voice to be heard. My understanding is that he usually tries to avoid drawing attention to himself by appearing only rarely on TV or in any form of media. Like many great living authors his work should be judged by its quality, not because of the fact that people know him via the press. That is how I feel about the way he conducts himself in the public’s eyes.

To celebrate this special day, I bet you can tell how happy I am, I would like to mention some of the movies that have been made from his work: ‘Tony Takitani’, as seen in the first clip, is based on the short story of the same name and is part of the short stories collection, ‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman’. It is possibly one of the most melancholy and beautiful films I have ever watched and Tony Takitani is probably one of the most lonely fictitious characters that I have come across. To me, it is so true to the short story and is an excellent film adaptation.

‘All God’s Children Can Dance’ again has the same title as the short story and is in Mr. Murakami’s short stories collection, ‘After the Quake’. The trailer was especially cut for the first issue of Monocle magazine, appearing on the magazine’s website. The movie was directed by the first time filmmaker, Robert Logevall. I read the story many moons ago, but have not yet been able to watch this film. I have been anxious to see it for so long and I am still waiting and waiting. Some day soon my long waiting will end. I hope.

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