Sunday says so.

I got out of bed at around a quarter past eleven, yes that is my waking up time these days, and went downstairs to have Frankfurter sausages for breakfast. After that, I went back to the bedroom to clear up the mess. Lying on the tidy bed, I initially intended to release the tension in my bone; but I decided against it since I have been doing it a lot nearly every day. I thought it could not be that good for my health. There was nothing else to do so I picked up Junichiro Tanizaki‘s novel, Diary of a mad old man; and carried on reading from the page where I placed the bookmark. Having read the book for almost an hour, I decided to put it down as I could not manage to get into some of the details of the story. It was nothing to do with the difficulty of the language that the author used, albeit, it was partly to blame, but the fact was that something else was weighing on my mind at that time. Firstly, today is the first day of the French Open tennis tournament. As a person who loves this sport, particularly famale matches, I could not wait to turn on the telly to watch the exciting event. It was also the final day of the Cannes Film Festival, when the jury would announce the winner of the biggest prize, the coveted Palme d’Or. As I gathered earlier on, it was a French movie about life in a tough Paris school that swept the honorable prize. Finally, I have been keeping track of the news about the protest in Thailand. Today the PAD and co are having a big rally against the Thai government. I had heard that it was going to be quite a serious matter. While I am writing this post, I have learned that some people have been injured as a result of the confrontation between the PAD and the group that supports the government. I seriously hope that the two sides will behave in a civilised manner. I do not want anybody to get hurt. In the end, no matter what the differences in their opinions are, they are all still Thai. There you are, that is my sterile day and I have just said so to let you know.


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  1. yodmanudying


    คุณ editorial เขียนดีนะคะ เราแอบเข้ามาอ่านอยู่เรื่อย 🙂

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