Another teenager stabbed to death in London last night. What a waste of a young life. I don’t know what was behind this particular incident, but in many assaults alcohol has been proven to be a major contributory factor. Alcohol related incidents in the UK take up an inordinate amount of police and ambulance emergency resources, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. Hospitals are seeing a huge increase in admissions relating to cirrhosis of the liver and other alcohol related afflictions. The financial cost to the nation must be staggering. Alcohol used responsibly, of course, is not an issue and the vast majority of people in the UK enjoy drinking moderately and cause no problem to themselves or others. However, there is a minority, who deliberately set out to become completely intoxicated and do not believe they have ‘had a good time’ unless they can barely stand up when they’ve finished. Is this the result of some desire to escape the reality of their lives? How sad.


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