An email to my Chinese friend

It was my first day at university and I was sitting alone, minding my own business, when suddenly an Asian girl came up to me. She greeted me and asked if I was Chinese or Taiwanese. As you already know that I am Thai, you might guess what my response to that question was. She asked again, this time whether I was from Japan. I secretly smiled, before providing her with the answer. She asked if it was alright for her to sit with me. Well, since I did not own the place, I could not just say no, could I? Consequently, we have been friends ever since.

I have been thinking about her a lot lately as a result of the earthquake. The impact of this event did not only affect people in China, but the repercussions violently shook my feelings as well. I therefore decided to email her to ask if she and her family were ok. Here are some of the extracts. Note: I have to change the details a bit for reasons of privacy.

“Hello from (that is my name). How are you these days? I have been watching the news about the massive earthquake in China. I hope your family is safe and sound. I am very worried. Please let me know as soon as possible. OK? Take care. Your friend, (my name)”

I got a reply from her. She told me not to worry. It was very good to learn about her family’s wellbeing. Once more I wrote to her to offer my condolences regarding the horrible event.

“I am ok. I am pleased to know that your family is ok. At the same time, I feel extremely sad to see that a great deal of people lost their lives in this tragic event. Every time I see the news about the earthquake, I just want to weep. I know very well that it breaks Chinese people’s hearts. I felt the same when there was the tsunami in Thailand. I just hope that these horrible things, including the cyclone in Burma, are not going to happen again, whether in China, Thailand, or any other part of the world.

Finally, I don’t know whether God exists or not, but I beg him to protect you, your family and every Chinese person. Take care my friend, (my name)”

It is really nice to have someone that you are able to care for even though that person might live a rather different way of life or under a different political system. No matter what, that person is still your friend.


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  1. Ote

    That’s very sweet.

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