Describing Pattaya

While I was studying English in the UK I met quite a few foreign students from a certain part of the world who often assumed that I, and the other Thai students, came from Pattaya. More than once I had to explain to these people that only a particular type of person, who is skilled in one specific job, resides in the area. And I am definitely not of that ilk.

The moment I introduced myself as coming from Thailand, the first words that came out of the mouth of one middle-eastern guy was “Oh! Pattaya”. I was rather intrigued since I did not expect him to know about the place and I had the impression that people from this part of the world are usually restricted about the topic of sex. So he said that one of his mates frequently visited this seedy area; and this friend of his constantly sang the praises of this seaside town. He told me that one day he would go there to enjoy the hospitality of a Thai lady. He requested me to shed some more light about Pattaya. With difficulty, I tried my very best to clarify what this infamy is like, even though my English was quite immature at that time. I don’t know if the guy eventually went there and I do not really care either, but if I saw him again, I would tell him to check this video out. I think it quite explicitly depicts what makes the place so special for men, especially the over-sexed kind.


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