Oh, what a beautiful day…!

Today, as always on a Wednesday, I travelled to London on the train, to work. This morning the train was only 3 minutes late at my station – quite remarkable, given the usual performance of the train operating company. As usual, the train was completely silent apart from the rustling of newspapers as travellers sought distraction from the tedium of the journey. Everyone is aware that to talk would be contrary to train etiquette and would be met with scathing, derisory glances. The ringing of a mobile phone is hastily silenced and the call is dealt with in hushed tones. Others take a nap, slack-jawed, occasionally dribbling as they subconsciously lean towards their outraged neighbour. Others still, noisily chew gum, mouths open, giving fellow travellers the pleasure of seeing them roll their gum around their teeth.

At last the train arrives at its London terminus, disgorging its passengers like lemmings onto the station platform. And yet, today, hurrah! The train has arrived on time and the sun is shining! The day is looking good….


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One response to “Oh, what a beautiful day…!

  1. absolutelybangkok

    Maybe you’d enjoy some blaring TV ads like we have to in the Skytrain …

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