British middle-aged men are going off sex

“Growing number of middle-aged men are going off sex, according to relationship experts.”   

Source: Metro UK

I wonder why that is then? Perhaps, the real reason that these men do not want to perform the act with their wives or partners is because they do not find their ladies (leave it to your imagination) any more. Some comments on the site blame the ubiquity of pornography for the absence of sexual motivation in these men. Personally, I find those comments rather comical. There is no way that porn will divert men’s attention from women. Quite the opposite, they are sure to be aroused by the lewd material and it will induce them to seek more adventure; every man must know what I mean by this. All in all, I think it might have something to do with there being too much stress in our every day lives; and many of the men might find it hard to be sexually active all the time. Like it says on the site: “As well as high rates of depression in men in this age group, long working hours and stress may also contribute to this trend.”  Could this be the source of the problem?

That is just my opinion. As a person who has not yet reached the certain age, I cannot say that my judgement is correct. One day I might be in the same boat as these men myself. In the meantime, one thing I could do is to encourage them to be more adventurous. I wonder if they know that there are still some exciting places, such as Soi cowboy, Nana plaza or Pattaya, waiting for their exploration. Maybe visiting these areas will help them to revitalise their sexual energy. Experts on this specific subject, like 2thebigmango and Werewolf can help them see the light.


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