English parents and their children


There is a great malaise affecting British society, which, as an Englishman, I am sad to see. That is the inability of people to take responsibility for their own actions. One aspect of this, which augurs badly for the future, is the unwillingness of many parents to take proper care of their children. Examples, which all too often appear in the press are:

a) not teaching them right from wrong
b) not taking the time to participate in their education e.g. by reading to them
c) not bothering to play with them or entertain them because they’re “too busy”
d) not providing proper nourishment, because it is less bother to allow their kids to eat whatever they want rather than deal with objections if they are given ‘proper’ food
e) not knowing where their kids are, or what they’re doing

These parents seem to think it is someone else’s responsibility to bring up their kids for them – like the schools. But it’s not.

The upshot of this lack of care is that many British kids will grow up unmotivated, obese, lazy and ignorant. Many will end up causing trouble for themselves, their peers and the older generations who are legally powerless to do anything to stop them.

There are many great things about being British: what is happening to our children today isn’t one of them.

Here ends my rant for today. 


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