Sex on the street

It always sucks when your girl has no love left for you. It is even more bitterly sore, like being double kicked in the nether region, when you realise that she has been furtively seeing someone, and you could speculate that she might even have been doing something behind your back with that person. It is triple catastrophic to see her engage in sexual innuendo with another man so explicitly before your eyes. It seems that your world is falling apart. But the worst of all is that your girl unashamedly carries out a lewd act publically beside the street. And at that point, you know that your love has come to the end. Unable to bear the scene which is taking place in front of you, the best thing that you can do to escape the pain is to run away as fast as you can, like this poor thing in this video.



Filed under Humour

2 responses to “Sex on the street

  1. Beautifully cruel. Now don’t they love when humans imitate animals.

  2. Yes they do, but humans cannot perform the act publically like animals. In fact, we are into things more bizarre than these creatures. Instinct is occasionally hard to resist.

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