On the island

I suppose I could go on talking about the journey from the capital to Phuket, but it is going to take a reasonably tedious while to finish the subject. Instead I will just leave it there and skip to the delightful and beautiful island, somewhere near Phuket, where I would love to go back again sometime.

When we arrived at the hotel on the island, the receptionist informed us that our room was not ready for us: there was a problem with the air conditioning. With that, we were offered another room with inferior facilities to stay for one night. We also received a bottle of champagne by way of compensation, which was very pleasant.

With nothing much to do, we decided to celebrate the beginning of our real holiday, by drinking up what we had just been given. The effect of this fizzy liquid cause me to behave abnormally. I knew straight away that I was feeling rather tipsy as I tended to giggle uncontrollably, and began to undress myself. I was stark naked in my room. It was not because of the consequence of drinking alcohol; it was just the fact that it was awfully warm on the island and I was in heat.


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