Going back to the airport

I was rather surprised to be able to wake up early, despite having a sleepless night. Normally, when I sleep in my own place, I will take a few long minutes before dragging myself out of bed. Coming back to Thailand, though, I found no problem with saying good morning to the dawn.

It did not take long to check out of the hotel at this time of the day. There was barely anybody in the lobby, aside from a Chinese or Japanese couple who were checking in at the hotel, two receptionists and later a British couple who had just descended to the first floor. Unexpectedly, I enjoyed sitting in the lobby at the hotel, looking at these people while I was waiting for the car which was going to take me to the airport.

It was still early as the driver took me to the airport and it was not long before we reached our destination. As a matter of fact, I surreptitiously wished he had driven a bit more slowly as the early morning weather was pleasantly cool. It looked like it was going to be one of those rare balmy days in Bangkok, and I just happened to be there to witness it.


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