One night in Bangkok was more than enough

Arriving in Thailand on March 16, everything was still the same at the airport; there were not enough toilets for passengers. Like other travellers, I suppose, I had to hold on to the flooding in my bladder; otherwise, I would have had to queue in order to be able to use the WC. It was certainly a pain in a certain part of my anatomy.

After checking in at the hotel in the Silom Road area, in spite of exhaustion, I took quite a walk to find a barber. It might sound strange to some people, but I actually had my hair cut immediately after arriving in Thailand. The hairdresser was good and was chummy, though I was too tired to care. I only wanted her to finish her job as quickly as she could.

A while later, I had a meal at the restaurant near the hotel where I was staying. Although I knew pretty well that this restaurant was a rip-off, I was too famished and worn-out to take the long walk to the place where I would have preferred to dine. It was just OK as a make-do. Next time I go to Bangkok, there’s no chance that I will dine there again.

Back to the hotel, I had difficulty sleeping. The people next door kept going to the toilet all night and the noise of the water in the pipes was a disturbance. Eventually, I managed to doze off at around 3 o’clock; just two hours before I left the hotel to travel to Phuket. What a night!


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