The old man and the bus stop

It was in the afternoon of a very warm day and I had been waiting for the bus for quite a while. I started to sweat profusely and felt sticky. I wanted to shriek and swear but somehow I managed to sit still and count my breath to improve my patience. While I was sitting there an elderly man who lived in a nursing home near the bus stop came to sit next to me. I did not pay him much attention and was not quite sure what made him want to sit close to me but I managed to give him a good smile despite my slight displeasure with the situation.

About two or three minutes later, he started to have a chat with me and I just replied politely. He asked me about this and that; I kept replying to him patiently. I was a bit aggravated, but at least I had someone to talk to while I was waiting for the stupid bus. The old man started putting a lot of emotion into the conversation. To his credit, he succeeded in making me gripped by his tragic life story. A moment later I decided to walk across the road in order to buy him a cup of coffee to chill him out a bit.

I genuinely felt sorry for him and for the other elders who lived in the nursing home and also for myself because of the situation I was in. For me, I can go wherever I want as long as I know where the bus stop is. For them, they just sit there and watch it pass by; even if they knew where they wanted to go, there might not be anybody there waiting for them.

The old man said thank you to me for the coffee and wished me good luck with whatever I wanted to do in the future. I was delighted to hear that, as at that moment the only thing I wished to see was the long-awaited bus.


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