Thai yumminess

I was not going to write about the same kind of topic two days running, but at the moment I cannot help thinking about the sharply exquisite and strong taste of Thai food. It does not help my craving either when some other bloggers in Thailand keep launching a campaign against my tummy, by incessantly composing stories regarding Thai grub, particularly the kind I like to eat when I am at home.

Austin Bush, from RealThai: I do not know much about the guy, but he always gives incisive information about Thai food, from street level to chic taste. He knows so much. I am beginning to dislike the guy! And do not forget to check out his blog – there you will find all you need to know about Thai cuisine.

EnjoyThaiFood probably belongs to a blogger who writes on a well known blog called As the name of the site suggests, it specifically deals with every Thai dish from Somtam to Tom Yam Goong. The website also gives you information on how to cook Thai food accompanied by pictures and recipes.

Lastly, it is Jamie’s Phuket who is giving me a big tease. This blogger resides in Phuket. He usually writes about the island, but it just so happens that his latest topic is about Phad Thai or Pad Thai, which is definitely one of my favourite Thai dishes. I just feel like I am being tortured!


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