My first time at the love motel

I once went to a love motel with one of my female classmates; she was also a very closed friend of mine. We usually got on like a house on fire. Yet, I had never expected to be invited to go to this sort of place with her.

I remember very well that it was the last day of our final examinations, also before our summer vacation. Normally, at this time of the year, there was nothing much to do anyway, so instead of going home after we finished the exam, I simply did not have to think too long, just a couple of seconds in fact, before accepting her invitation.

I was prettty excited as I was walking into the motor inn. It was the first time of my life to be there and I could not wait to be inside the room.

A while later, we managed to finish the job what we had intended to do, and despite it being quite hard work and we sweated a lot during the business, we had a really good time.

Before I left the motel, her mother thanked me profusely for coming to help to tidy up the room. She said that, as a maid, it was always rather difficult to carry out the job on her own, especially when it needed to be done quickly before the arrival of new guests. I replied to her with a little smile that I was pleased to come to help and I thought the three of us did remarkably well to clear up the mess so quickly in that tiny, seedy room.



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4 responses to “My first time at the love motel

  1. Colonel Jeru

    ‘Hard work and lots of sweat’ indeed. But you got me ‘oneeditorial’. Maybe I’ll write a similar ‘sneaky’ inspiration on my blog just to get even.

  2. Jon

    Love how random your blogging is…almost got me with this story, for a second.

    • Thank you Khun Johny. As a part-time blogger, I normally write whatever comes into my head or anything that occurs to me. This love hotel story actually took place when I was at primary school. I don’t suppose anywhere in the world other than the Land of Smiles would ever allow kids to go inside the room. It was interesting to see the traces of whatever the two grown-ups had just done inside that room. I distinctly remember that I thought of it as something that adults do and to me it was funny.

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