She is a beautiful dude

Whenever I tell strangers that I come from Thailand, more often than not the people whom I am talking with have a rather unusual interest in the Thai third gender; also known as Thai ladyboys or Katoey. Many times, I have had to answer the same old questions such as, “isn’t it true that a Thai ladyboy is better looking than a real woman?” or ” have these lady birds already lost their male genitals?”  My common reply to the latter is that I have not got a clue whether or not these women have had their unwanted sexual organs reassigned since it is deemed inappropriate and insensitive to ask them such a question.

There are both pretty and ugly transsexuals in Thailand. Many work in the entertainment sector like clubs, bars or cabaret shows. Yet some of them are lucky enough to be in the limelight and have the opportunity to become famous celebrities, for instance,  the first Thai ladyboy band, Venus Flytrap or Nong Poy, the winner of Miss international queen 2004. 

It is completely ok to be who you are in the land of smiles, even a third gender, as long as you are happy with what you are.




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5 responses to “She is a beautiful dude

  1. Colonel Jeru

    A long time ago before AIDS I had a foreign client eager to try Thai massage (to this day I continue to wonder why Thai massage parlors continue their brisk business despite AIDS!) and he picked the prettiest from the lot displayed behind the big glass panel.

    After two hours he came down happy and unusually giddy . . . and when I asked him what was funny. . . he explained that the prettiest massage girl he picked was in fact a very beautiful man more beautiful than any woman he had ever slept with.

  2. Wow, nice story Colonel… It happens! I usually blog at thaipulse and I saw your comments – thanks, appreciated! I have another blog that few know about, devoted to Thailand’s Katoeys because they are just not easily ignored. They’re bizarre and nutty and good fun. If you have a blog in Thailand you must at least mention them! 🙂 I just found your blog today – I’ll read some now. Thanks 🙂 Vern

  3. She’s truly amazing.

    Col. Jeru – you’re back?

  4. marco

    a me lo faceva diventare duro come uno stalin.

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