List of hot things in 2008

I had been perusing British newspaper websites, when I came across a well worth looking at entertainment article in the Times Online.  Early this month, the newspaper publicised a list of upcoming hot things that nobody can afford to miss. You can see the full details via the link.

There are many electrifying movies that are going to attract a lot of attention from the world audience such as No country for old men by the Coen brothers or the Diving bell and the butterfly, based on the tragically true, but beautiful life story of the French journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby. The director Tim Burton also brought Johnny Depp back with him in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

In music there will be the return of some big names like Madonna, Oasis and REM. It is sure to be an interesting year for music fans.

Also, there are plenty of exciting things in art, theatre and television, although available only to the British audience. I could have gone into detail, but it would be too much to mention in this tiddly Blog. I hope this may help you to choose what is going to entertain you in 2008.


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