Eating insects is easy

I have been searching YouTube for some funny videos, when I suddenly came upon an interesting clip about one Farang eating a strange thing in Thailand. In the clip, the guy is having a particular type of insect as a snack. The bug is known by the Thais as Mangda; though he thought it was a giant cockroach, which you cannot blame him for, can you?

Funnily enough, this guy happens to be one of the most recognisable bloggers in Thailand whose blog is ThaiPulse. He has been writing various topics regarding Thailand. Everyone is free to check his blog out.

He should have removed its legs and wings before chewing it since its bits and pieces might have stuck in his throat. It is definitely edible and hygienic. In fact, all deep fried bugs selling on the street in Thailand are safe to eat; also they are full of protein and calcium. When you visit the country, do not forget to try this delicacy.  😆

Here is the close-up video of Mangda and the other insects.


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