I was a hunter

If animal rights people were to read this diary, they would be really upset and they would probably be up in arms about the story that I am going to write today.

My friends and I used to go to the countryside in order to find something to entertain us, for instance seeking a bird to shoot or digging the hole of a snake in order to get rid of its eggs. At that time we had nothing in our minds apart from having fun even at the expense of other creatures. We only thought we rule them. The most popular animal that we liked to do away with was a chameleon as it was not only the satisfaction of destroying its life, but also it could be served as a meal (but it’s not really my taste though).

We went from place to place looking for chameleons and when we found one, we would shoot it with a rubber band and thread a string through its head. When we were content with the number of chameleons we had caught, we went home and cooked them for a meal.

I was not really keen on eating chameleon and I did not enjoy killing it either. The reason for hunting was that I just followed my friends. I just wanted to do something with them. I know now that it was not the right thing to do and that there is no excuse for this sort of behaviour. However, we human beings like to take advantage of lesser creatures all the time. So, when my friends asked me to taste the prize dish, I just enjoyed it while promising myself – “I am not going to eat it any more“.


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