Kissing goodbye to Sayonara

A good Japanese friend of mine once told me that the word Sayonara, which means goodbye in Japanese, is a bit dated. She said that, nowadays, people would not often hear many young Japanese using the word to bid one another adieu; instead, the modern generation tends to use one particular word as an alternative. I cannot remember precisely what the word is, but it does not really matter anyway since I frequently find it a little bit difficult to utter such a word.

Sometimes, I am very curious to know what made islanders like the Japanese invent such a beautifully lonely word like Sayonara. It is so gentle each time I tried to articulate it. At the same time, it renders quite a nostalgic feeling when I manage to get it out of my mouth. It makes me wonder which would be harder, the saying or the listening, whenever you have to kiss goodbye to someone. Maybe it would be better if we knew no one.


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