It is a Bear Band!

We have heard and seen plenty of boybands around the globe. Some are very fine, but many are not quite good enough. For everyone who is so fed up with young, barely able to sing, twink lads, I recommend an alternative type of pop band featuring four hairy chubby men; they are Bearforce1.

Bearforce1 is the first hairy bearband in Europe, if not in the world. The band is based in Amsterdam. The four members of this bearband are Robert and Ian, originally from Belfast, and Peter and Yuri, both from Amsterdam. The band’s sound is fast beat electronic music. Their music video is accessible via Bearforce1’s official website or by YouTube. Here is a videoclip. “Warning, viewers who have weak hearts might need to look away now.”


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One response to “It is a Bear Band!

  1. Interesting but I have a weak hart. I ought to run away. Thanks and good bye. See you again next entry.

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