The inspiration

It was about many years ago that I read an article that was so exciting and inspiring and that article has changed my life since then. This might sound a bit cliche but it was really true.

Before I knew the person who wrote the article, my life was so dull and there was nobody to give me advice about what I should do with my life either. Every day I just went to school and came back to the library (it is the place where my sister has been working since she finished her studies), waiting for my sister to finish her work and coming home together. During that period, I seemed to read a lot of things in the library while I was waiting for her for instance novels, text books or magazines etc. Somehow I tended to spend a lot of time with one article each week – it was about book reviews.

The person who wrote this article is a lady and she was really good at articulating her ideas and on top of that, she knew a lot of writers and also a lot of foreign books. I so admired her knowledge and wanted to read and learn a lot like her. I thought to myself that if I knew English language inside out, I would probably have no problem in reading English novels. So, I decided to get down to study English seriously.

What she wrote about in that article was a book called “the unbearable lightness of being” by Milan Kundera. he is also one of my favourite writers (of all time).


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