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The old man and the bus stop

It was in the afternoon of a very warm day and I had been waiting for the bus for quite a while. I started to sweat profusely and felt sticky. I wanted to shriek and swear but somehow I managed to sit still and count my breath to improve my patience. While I was sitting there an elderly man who lived in a nursing home near the bus stop came to sit next to me. I did not pay him much attention and was not quite sure what made him want to sit close to me but I managed to give him a good smile despite my slight displeasure with the situation.

About two or three minutes later, he started to have a chat with me and I just replied politely. He asked me about this and that; I kept replying to him patiently. I was a bit aggravated, but at least I had someone to talk to while I was waiting for the stupid bus. The old man started putting a lot of emotion into the conversation. To his credit, he succeeded in making me gripped by his tragic life story. A moment later I decided to walk across the road in order to buy him a cup of coffee to chill him out a bit.

I genuinely felt sorry for him and for the other elders who lived in the nursing home and also for myself because of the situation I was in. For me, I can go wherever I want as long as I know where the bus stop is. For them, they just sit there and watch it pass by; even if they knew where they wanted to go, there might not be anybody there waiting for them.

The old man said thank you to me for the coffee and wished me good luck with whatever I wanted to do in the future. I was delighted to hear that, as at that moment the only thing I wished to see was the long-awaited bus.


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A city and I

One thing I do not particularly like about living in a big city is that there are too many people and there is too much noise. It is also difficult to find my own space albeit I live in my own place. I often feel a bit claustrophobic and out of place, especially when I am an alien in a foreign land. I do not mind visiting the city for a short period but I would hate it if I had to stay there all day and all night. Everybody seems to be in a hurry and oblivious to other people too. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy seeing so many people around me. At the same time, I quite admire anybody who chooses to live a metro life.

Comparatively, I really enjoy spending my daily life in the countryside. I love the atmosphere of the suburbs. There is not much pollution, apart from the smell of pig manure on occasion. I do not have to be in a hurry like living in the city either. I just love it or maybe I am only being a bit indolent!

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Perfect serenity

Imagine you are on the beach and everyone around you is laying casually with nothing much on his or her mind, aside from the word relaxation. In your eyes, you see only beautiful mortals sunbathing, sitting and wandering around near you. It just seems like a perfect scene of euphoria. That is what I feel whenever I take a deep breath and listen to this idyllic song by the French electronic music band called Telepopmusik. It is just breathtakingly exquisite.

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Dance, dance, Bangkok, dance

I remember very well that when we were primary students, in the morning during the winter season -yes, Thailand has a cold season too – all of us had to do an aerobic dance just like this video before going to classes. The difference is that the song that we used for the dance was not as upbeat as those in the videos.

This is just funny, especially the second one with the Jingle Bells song.

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Kawaii Hyde

Around ten years ago, I came across a cute, petite Japanese guy whose name is Hyde. He is a singer in a Japanese rock band called l’arc-en-ciel, which means rainbow in French, if I  remember correctly. It was not only me who used to adore this little Japanese fella, many of my friends, whether male or female, by the same token, were crazy about him too. Some, on occasion, even dressed like the guy.

Anata wa, dai suki desu!

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A drama on air

A Thai television soap has come under fire after the Thai airlines trade union expressed disappoval with the way airline staff, particularly female flight attendants, have been portrayed on the programme. They accused “War of Angels“, the alleged TV series, of demeaning their image; they said that the show misrepresented them by showing scenes of the attendants fighting in the airline uniform with immoderately tiny and short skirts.

The producer rushed to defend the programme by calling the action of the union somewhat exaggerated. He said that he would never withdraw the programme and apologised for allowing some inappropriate scenes to be broadcast on television. The show is meant for entertainment and the story is entirely fictitious. He promised that, from now on, he and his team will make sure that the programme depicts no gratuitous acts of violence between flight attendants. It is only a soap opera, which is not much different from the usual, hackneyed Thai TV series.

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After the match

What can I say about the match between Liverpool FC and Aston Villa last night at Anfield? I personally think the Kop did not play that badly; it just so happened that the team could not find the opportunity to score. It did not help the team either when the visitors took the lead by a mere deflection off one of the players. Nevertheless, drawing at home is still better than losing, in my opinion.

Having watched Liverpool play for several matches this season, I am beginning to feel resigned to the fact that the team from the Riverside is going to end the football season with nothing to cheer up the fans. I am not being pessimistic here, but the truth is that the team lacks consistency. To make it worse, the two American owners, whether it is their intention or not, keep distracting the manager and the players by pressurising them with shocking revelations; for instance, last week one of the owners publicly said that they had previously consulted a German bloke as a likely replacement for the current manager. A comment like this is not going to improve morale within the squad. Instead, it just created an unnecessarily tense atmosphere within the club. 

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